About Us

Together, we have been on our shared path through life for almost ten years. Besides our love of basketball, we also discovered our shared passion for travel, which has already taken us to many far-flung corners of our beautiful earth.

 “Life must be lived to the full and that is what we try to do each and every moment.”

Each of us is the others missing half. Would you like some examples?

  • Manuela likes to cook fine meals and Martin loves to eat them.
  • Martin empties the dishwasher Manuela fills it up.
  • Manuela cleans out the pen of the two dwarf rabbits Martin gives chase when one or the other makes an escape.
  • Martin pays attention to technique when photographing Manuela simply starts shooting.
  • Manuela is allergic to chocolate Martin gladly eats all the chocolate in the house.
  • Martin wears black at weddings Manuela wears a divine white dress.

This is what we call LOVE we have found each other!
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