Beatrix and Lukas – Wedding in South Tyrol!

Beatrix found us on the internet and then contacted us. Her future husband is hard working man, that’s why we met Beatrix with her friends in Imst.

We found a connection very quickly and after the meeting with them in Laatsch, South Tyrol for a location scouting we were pumped for their wedding day. Beatrix started the day getting her hair done at the professional hairdresser Volkmar Thaler (Salon the look, and went on to the Makeup artist Ulrike Thomaset ( After that it was time to go to the church.

After a very emotional ceremony the partied with their friends and family at the romantic Hotel Waldkönigin in St. Valentin in Vinschgau in South Tyrol (

The name of the hotel is being translated to Queen of the woods – that was Beatrix for us. We had our little shoot in the woods behind the hotel. It was simply molto bene!

Thx Beatrix and Lukas for having us!



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