Cute Loveshoot on the Côte d’Azur in France with Marta and Gautier

We love to travel and we love to shoot on different places of the world. The loveshoot of Marta and Gautier gave us the opportunity to combine our two passions. The cute little town of Antibes not to far from Nice was the perfect surrounding for this Shoot. We met the two of them about an hour before sunset and just took a little walk with them through the town.

The southern flair of this town is ouzing out of every wall and every flower in the narrow little roads. We were blessed to have a beautiful sunset after some rainy days and we still were lucky a few days later when we did the lovehoot with Julia und Markus.

The cute romantic mood and the playfullness of Marta and Gautier was just awesome to experience and made our work so much easier. We love our jobs!

After the shoot we sat down with the two of them, had a glass (or maybe it was two 😉 – can’ remember) and just talked for hours. Thanks so much Marta and Gautier – we had a blast.

And now without further ado – please sink and let the warm french sun heat you up (well at least virtually 🙂 ).


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