Engagement shoot Linz with Bettina and Oliver – Wedding Photographer Linz

We love new mails in our inbox. So we were really happy when we received Bettina’s mail. She wanted to book us for a surprise love shoot with her boyfriend Oliver. Bettina got to know about us when she saw our “Summer City Love” shoot in Vienna with Karl (who she went to school with) on Facebook.

She wrote some really nice words about our Wedding Photography as well as our Engagement pictures.

So we were on our way Engagement Shoot in Linz – Yippie! The weather was lovely and the tenderness between Bettina and Oliver was just amazing. They told us about the first time they met and we just melted away.

You could really almost feel the love between them and they gave us wonderful and candid moments that we happily captured. The love shoot ended overlooking the roofs of Linz and the sun kissed us goodbye.

Thank you so much dear Bettina and Oliver for a wonderful shoot.

… and everyon else – please enjoy the pictures.



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