Cecilia and Rami – Engagement Shoot Tyrol

“Well this is long story”, explained Rami, when we asked him and his dear Cecilia where they originally came from and how they got to know each other, but he kept on: “Long story short: An Italian woman meets an Indian man in Innsbruck in the heart of the alps and they fall in love.”

That’s just one of so many stories that we have the privilege to tell you from all of our couples. We love our job as wedding photographers because we get to meet so many wonderful people. And the best part about it is, that we get to tell their beautiful stories in our pictures.

We hiked around the Berglsteiner See with Cecilia and Rami. After the clouds and the thick fog cleared up a little bit the sunrays peaked through and gave us a beautiful light, which we fell in love with. The whole scenery was just magical and the two lovebirds were flirting in the sunlight.

These engagement shoots or love shoots are dear to our hearts and we simply love shooting them. We can capture wonderful moments of lovers and totally indulge in our creativity.

We want to use this opportunity to say thank you dear Cecilia and dear Rami for being your wonderful selves and thanks for all the moments that you shared with us.



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Engagement Shoot Tyrol: FORMA Photography

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