Greece destination wedding guide – our little exclusive tipps for getting married in the land of the gods!

There is no place in the world as perfect as Greece to hold your destination wedding. This small nation is made up of gorgeous, romantic mountains and hills, a sparkling Mediterranean coastline, and tens of tiny islands with mild climates and rolling countryside. Its history is rooted in romance. Some of the most famous love stories in the Western imagination – Persephone and Hades, Perseus and Andromeda, to name a couple – have their ancient origins here. Such a place is the ideal setting to make your marriage vows. 

Planning a destination wedding in Greece may seem like a Herculean task, but it doesn’t have to be. In the following Greece Destination Wedding Guide, we’ll help you find inspiration for your wedding’s theme and overall vibes; the cost, weather conditions, and legal requirements for getting married in Greece; and a selection of well reviewed wedding planners, florists, and venues to help you narrow down your decision making. When you’re done reading this guide, planning your wedding in Greece will feel like a warm, calming Mediterranean breeze. 

Greece Destination Wedding Guide

Inspiration: Top 5 Locations To Inspire Your Destination Wedding In Greece


Santorini is located about 200 km from the mainland of Greece. It is home to some fascinating bit of ancient history, including the origin of the Atlantis myth. Over 3000 years ago, a volcano on the island called Thera erupted. Even today, the island’s soil is still mixed with volcanic ash and, as a result, is extremely fertile. You’ll find incomparable views of the island and the surrounding Mediterranean from Santorini’s rock precipices, and enjoy a mild to hot climate year round 

In addition to its volcanic heritage, the island is also well known for its wine industry and the production of a sweet wine called Vinsanto. 

If you love geographical wonders like the remains of volcanoes and high cliffs, as well as wine culture, then Santorini may be the perfect source of inspiration for your destination wedding in Greece. 

Santorini, Greece


If you adore Greco-Roman and Neoclassical architecture and the bustle of the city, you’ll want to hold your destination wedding in Athens. You’ve most likely heard of Athens; it is the capital of Greece, and it is also one of the oldest recorded cities in Western civilization. There is history and Classical beauty around every corner, from the elegant Parthenon to the still proudly standing remnants of the Acropolis. For the sophisticated couple who wants to channel the romance of this city’s rich architecture and archaeology, Athens should be your source of inspiration for your destination wedding.  

Athens, Greece


Mykonos is an island off the Mediterranean coast that experiences mild, windy weather throughout the year, and has a fascinating mythological history. According to Greek legend, a battle was fought on Mykonos between Zeus, the ruler of the Greek gods, and the Giants. The boulders strewn about the island are purported to be the petrified corpses of the Giants, who (obviously) lost this great conflict. 

In the present day real world, Mykonos is best known for its hopping nightlife and welcoming attitude toward the LGBTQ+ community. So if you are planning a same sex wedding, this is a great place to hold your ceremony. It is also a source of unique inspiration with its broad coastlines, whitewashed buildings, seasonable weather, and, of course, the “petrified Giants.”

Mykonos, Greece


Zakynthos is a gorgeous island paradise that forms the third largest member of Greece’s Ionian Islands. Covered in lush vegetation thanks to mild Mediterranean temperatures and heavy rainfall, you won’t be able to get enough of Zakynthos’s green verdure. In addition to the proliferation of plants, you’ll also find lots of rock structures, including naturally formed arches, caves, and coves. The beaches feature white sand that feels wonderful when you squish your toes in them. 

Casa Playa Beach is one example of a perfect place to hold a wedding on Zakynthos. Not only is it a beautiful beach and close to nature, it’s a center of entertainment with a bar and a restaurant, as well as accommodations for wedding ceremonies. 

Wherever you land on the island, Zakynthos will inspire you to plan a relaxing, beachside wedding. 

Zakynthos, Greece


Rhodes is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece, and it’s easy to see why. The lovely Mediterranean coast, the warm weather, the abundant pine and cypress forests, the vineyards, and the orchards are beautiful and soothing to experience. The island is also famous as the location of The Medieval Old Town of the City of Rhodes: centuries-old masonry fortifications that are now considered a UNESCO World Heritage site. Rhodes was also once the home of the Colossus, a huge bronze statue that stood in the harbor from 280-224 BC. 

A destination wedding located at or inspired by Rhodes will echo the elegance of ancient Greece with the rustic charm of a Mediterranean countryside. 

Rhodes, Greece

Planning Your Destination Wedding In Greece

Now that you’re feeling inspired, we can begin the fun part: planning your destination wedding in Greece. 


Even though Greece is a relatively small country, the cost of a destination wedding in this country can still vary widely. According to Destination Wedding Directory, for a small budget wedding you can get away with paying 5000-7000 Euros, which equals approximately $6000-$8400 in US dollars. If you’re looking for a more posh atmosphere in a higher end venue, you could spend up to 13,000 Euros, or roughly $15,500 US dollars. It may sound like a lot. But for a once in a lifetime experience in paradisiacal Greece, it’s well worth the price. 


According to the Destination Wedding Directory, the weather across Greece is generally mild year round, receiving lots of sunshine. In the summer, beware of holding your wedding in the south as that’s where it gets the hottest. Particularly in July. For a winter wedding, the northern part of the country is also your best bet because it rains quite heavily in the south during that season. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend holding your destination wedding anywhere in Greece in Spring or Autumn. For Winter and Summer, we suggest planning your big day in a location in northern Greece. 

In order to get legally married in a civil ceremony in Greece, there are a few steps you need to complete first. Before we get to the list of requirements, here’s something cool. Greece does not require you to live in the country for a certain amount of days before you get married. Some other countries, like France, mandate that you reside in the country for a certain amount of days before you can tie the knot according to French legal standards). 

Now, let’s get to the things you do need in order to get legally married in a civil ceremony in Greece (according to the official US Embassy website):

  1. You and your spouse’s passports
  2. You and your spouse’s apostille birth certificates, translated officially into Greek
  3. Apostilled documents showing evidence of the termination of previous marriages, either via death or divorce. (If this doesn’t apply to your or your spouse, then move on.)
  4. An Affidavit of Marriage which must be signed before a consular officer either at the US Embassy in Athens or the one in Thessaloniki. The US Embassy official website says that if you obtain this in Athens, you must be prepared to stay in the city for two days in order to complete all the necessary paperwork. The Affidavit of Marriage must then be authenticated by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

All of the above documents must be presented at the City Hall or to the President of the Community local to the area in which you plan to get married. 

If you want to hold a religious marriage ceremony, you must contact the clergy of your particular religion directly. They will let you know what they need to perform the ceremony. 

Greece Destination Wedding Guide

Wedding Planners

Wedding planners will help you design your dream wedding and coordinate everything on your big day so you can feel as stress-free as possible. We’ve listed some of our favorites that specialize in Greek destination weddings below. 

Wedding in Greece

This wedding planner provides exactly what it says in the name. No matter what your  religious affiliation is – Catholic, Jewish, Sikh, Hindu, Orthodox – or whether you and your future spouse are same or opposite sex, Weddings in Greece will arrange the perfect event to suit your sensibilities. And they’ll do it all over the country: in Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, and other picturesque locations. The staff behind Weddings in Greece are natives, so they know the best venues, suppliers, and services. Book them and guarantee yourself a perfect destination wedding in Greece. 

Storytelling Lab

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” is one of Storytelling Lab’s mottos as a wedding planning agency. That’s a reassuring phrase to hear when you’re planning a wedding halfway across the world. This agency offers fine art destination weddings in Athens and the Greek islands. They’ll combine their chic design sensibilities with your unique tastes. The company is run by a team of two sisters who want to turn your dream wedding into a reality. Hence the name, “Storybook Lab.” Your destination wedding in the hands of these skilled wedding planners will be a fairytale come true. 

Marry Me In Greece

Marry Me in Greece is a wedding planner that offers to plan your wedding in any location in Greece that your heart desires. From one of the Greek islands to a city or region on the mainland. Their goal is to get to know you so that they can plan a wedding that suits your unique personality. If you want a civil ceremony, they got you. If you’re religious and want a clergy from your religion to marry you and your spouse, Marry Me in Greece will help you get it done. And they’ll make sure everything else is perfect, too. From the venue and the legal fees to the food and flowers. You don’t have to worry about a thing. Marry Me in Greece is a no-brainer when it comes to choosing a professional planner for your destination wedding. 

Greece Destination Wedding Guide


Flowers add color, life, and softness to your wedding. After all, what’s a wedding without a traditional bridal bouquet? Below, we recommend one of our favorite florists in Greece. 

Fabio Zardi

When you’re going all out for a destination wedding in Greece, why not go out a little further. Why not hire one of the country’s most famous florists? Fabio Zardi is a floral designer with incomparable skills based out of Greece. Whatever your vision for your wedding’s floral arrangements, with the right budget Fabio Zardi can make it happen. He and his team have been featured in several different wedding magazines and blogs. And they have nine years of experience under their belts. Your wedding’s natural decor will be unforgettable in his capable hands. 

Suggested Wedding Venues in Greece

Ready to pick a venue? We’ve picked some of the top choices from various locations across Greece: 


Amaltheia is a modern wedding venue in Varkiza, a suburb of greater Athens. It’s located right on the coast of the Mediterranean; you can even hold your wedding ceremony on the beach in full view of the sunlit sea. Amaltheia also features a large, airy indoor space where you can hold a ceremony or a reception. The staff at Amaltheia is dedicated to providing a personalized experience and tailoring the big day to your unique tastes. The Greek mythological origin of their name is “generosity,” and that’s their credo for arranging your destination wedding. 

Photo Credit: Amaltheia

Le Ciel

Le Ciel in Santorini is actually a restaurant. But they also offer indoor spaces and a terrace where you can hold your destination wedding ceremony. The terrace faces out over the volcano on Santorini and the Aegean Sea. An incredible backdrop for your “I do’s”. During the reception, Le Ciel will provide you and your guests with gastronomical delights based on Greek cuisine. For lovers of food for the stomach and the eyes, Le Ciel is a brilliant choice for your destination wedding venue. 

Photo Credit: Le Ciel

Sheraton Rhodes

The Sheraton Rhodes Resort by Marriott offers a high end, hotel destination wedding experience on the Greek island of Rhodes. This hotel offers a grand total of 15 different venue options. Outdoor decks with fantastic views of the sea and the island, and the gardens and pool area can be reserved for a large reception. The Sheraton’s onsite wedding experts will help coordinate your wedding so it runs smoothly and looks like what you envisioned. The hotel will also cater the food for your reception. Every detail of your wedding will be attended to with the best quality service at the Sheraton Rhodes Resort.

Photo Credit: Unforgettable Weddings Rhodes

Greece destination wedding photography packages

You’ll want to remember every second of your wedding day. Below, we offer different photography packages. Each of which will capture all the magical moments of your destination wedding in Greece: 

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Greece Destination Wedding Guide


With this guide in hand, you can now seize your destiny and begin the process for planning your destination wedding in Greece. 

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