Jan and Sandra in Amsterdam – Houseboat Loveshoot

The beautiful harbor city of Amsterdam is one of the most unique towns in Europe. A lot of cute and narrowly built houses and a huge amount of bikes everywhere – these are just two of the many features this city has to offer. Another one are the houseboats – more than 2500 of them all over town.

Sandra and Jan are a couple for more than 10 years and counting. They had their dream of living a while on a houseboat come true in Amsterdam. After a little stroll through the city with them we had the privilige to have a loveshoot with them on the ProPatria an old and refurbished freight ship. We loved this Houseboat Loveshoot – something you don’t get every day! Even though as wedding photographers we travel a lot and love it!

The slow motions of the river and the boat paired with the cute couple was just magical. When the sun started to set and brought beautiful light the two of them took us to the upper deck of the houseboat. This was formerly the comando station of the ship’s captain and was then turned into a cute little snuggeling place for lovers. This place also offered an amazing view of the skyline of Amsterdam.

It was quite hard to say “Tot ziens” (that’s “Hope to see you soon!” in dutch) and taking the flight back home. But looking at the pictures it brings back some of those magic moments.

If you are interested – the ProPatria can be rented here: airbnb



PS: We already had the pleasure to shoot Sandra and Jan on a loveshoot in Washington.


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