Lisanne und Sebastian – Wedding in the Zillertal

Lisanne and Sebastian visited us on their way from Germany to the Zillertal. Lisanne’s grandmother lives in the beautiful village of Fügen. The two lovers like the outdoors and especially the mountains, that’s why it was crystal clear for them to set their wedding in the Zillertal in the heart of the alps.

We did get to know the two of them quite before their big day. We had the privilage to have a shoot with them in our studio. The pictures were then used for their invitation cards. These invitations went out as far as to France as some of Sebastians friends live there.

This mixture of people from Austria, Germany and France was just fabulous. Since Martin’s mom is a french teacher we understood almost everything and the party was very special.

Even though the weather was a little different for this time of year (to put it nicely 🙂 ) the wedding party didn’t mind at all. The evening party was held at Sichtbar (a location that was build on top of a wood factory). One of the higlights was when the tyrolean guests presented one of their surprises – a traditional dance group – that then invited the groom and some of his groomsmen to join them.

Dear Lisanne and Sebastian, thanks for everything. We do hope that you visit us soon on your next trip to the the alps. We can’t wait!



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