Stefanie and André – Wild Love – Loveshoot Tyrol

“Humans are a perfect fit for each other,
once they accept each other for what they are.”

There are lovers, that meet each other in life – walk by each other and know that they are missing out on something beautiful right now. Some others stop and find each other for life. Stefanie and André belong to the second group. The tattoo artist and the travel agency employee are walking through life hand in hand and share their fondness for the body art tattoo.

“He is my bastion of calm” , says Stefanie smilingly about her André who is always waiting for her anxiously when she comes back from her travels. Our Engagement Shoot in a rocky valley in Tyrol showed their inner spirits.

What an amazing spot to shoot and we were really lucky to have an amazing light.

Just like a quote by Alexis Delp:”Love makes the wildest spirit tame, and the tamest spirit wild.” The hard rocky area in a combination with their deep soft love for eath other made up for a wonderful shoot.

But enough words – see for yourself.


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Hier noch der kleine Videotrailer mit den Beiden:

Stefanie und André from FORMA photography on Vimeo.

Loveshoot Tyrol: FORMA Photography

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