Summer and Marcos | Loveshoot | London

We got to know Summer and Marcos over the wonderful world of the internet. One can think about Facebook, Instagram and Co. what you want but for us it offers an amazing opportunity to comunicate with our clients and get to know a lot of new people almost daily.

As wedding photographers we meet new people on a regular basis and love it. We also love to travel and often get to combine travelling with our work – that’s why were uberexcited for this London love affair.

Summer and Marcos originally come from the beautiful island of Mallorca, that we also already visited. Summer is now attending the Fashion Retail Academy in London. She is on her way to step into the world of fashion to leave her footprints. The love of her life Marcos is supporting her in what she is doing and moved with her to the capital of England. That’s true love.

In the beginning it was difficult for the two of them to adapt to the English way of life – as the spanish mentality tends to be a little bit more relaxed and laid back. But they now reached a point where the call London their home.

We had so much fun with the two of them and want to say thank you to you both, dear Summer and Marcos. London will definitely see us again.

But now here is the love shoot with Summer and Marcos:

001-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 002-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 003-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 004-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 005-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 006-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 007-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 008-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 009-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 010-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 011-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 012-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 013-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 014-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 015-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 016-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 017-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 018-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 019-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 020-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 021-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 022-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 023-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 024-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 025-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 026-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 027-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 028-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 029-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 030-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 031-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 032-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 033-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 034-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 035-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography 036-pärchenfotos-london-forma-photography

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