The Compagnon leather bag – our steady friend

We (well actually sometimes only Martin) are being asked a lot of questions about our equipment. One of the first questions is the one about our harnish leather belt by HoldFast (that we showed you already in THIS post). But almost as often we do get asked about our Camera Bag.

That’s why we are proud to present you our COMPAGNON (Messenger). The company of Vitalis Baidinger and Valentin Schüle called COMPAGNON Bags has produced this beautiful and stylish leather bag. That has become our “buddy” on our weddings.

We have four lenses, a camera body, an Ipad and a lot of other stuff. Mostly we do use it in combination with the camerabelt and therefor have room for another lense or a flash unit if the camerbody is out.

The bag is beautifully crafted and the feel of the genuine leather as well as the high quality of all the materials used can be seen and felt. The quality has it’s price (it’s definitely not one of the cheapest ones) but it’s built to last and worth every Euro.

We are waiting already for the first Ladybag that’s supposed to come out soon. So maybe soon our Compagnon will get a little sister.

If there are any questions left don’t hesitate to contact us or head over to and check everything out.


001 - Compagnon-Tasche Fotos - L 002 - Compagnon-Tasche Fotos - L 003 - Compagnon-Tasche Fotos - L 005 - Compagnon-Tasche Fotos - L 030 - Privat - L 032 - Privat - L 035 - Privat - L

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