Tuscany Elopement Guide 2021

Tuscany is one of the most beautiful places in the world to elope in 2021. The rolling hills and gardens blooming with a thousand colors, the sweet-smelling olive groves, the bustling city centers pulsing with culture both ancient and modern: this is Tuscany. It is aged and romantic, the ideal setting for vowing to take your spouse in marriage “’til death do you part.” You can hold your elopement ceremony in a hotel or a villa, on a terrace or in a garden. You can elope with a small wedding party or just you, the bride and groom. The possibilities are endless because it’s Tuscany! And Tuscany is a place where all your romantic dreams can come true. Do you want to get married in Tuscany – then this Tuscany Elopement Guide is the right place for you!

Tuscany Elopement Guide

In the elopement guide below, we recommend the most charming venues for your wedding, all located in the heart of Tuscany. We also recommend the best time of year to visit. Furthermore we will also share advice for handling the legal side of eloping in Tuscany.

Tuscany Elopement Venues

Countryside Elopement Venues In Tuscany

The greatest draw of Tuscany is in its landscape. Choose from any of the venues below to enjoy the natural beauty of this rich Italian countryside.

Villa Fillinelle

Immerse yourself in old Tuscany at the Villa Fillinelle in Chianti. This restored 13th-century villa is located about 40 minutes outside of Florence and Siena. These are the two major Tuscanian cities. There are three bedrooms which sleep 12 to 15 people: plenty of room for a small elopement party. Your elopement photographer will revel in the picturesque Tuscany countryside: rolling hills covered in trees and glowing green in the rich sunshine. You and your closest family and friends can enjoy a bed and breakfast. Similarly relax at the sparkling pool. Enjoy the incredible views and the rich history of a restored medieval villa. It is a charming venue for an intimate wedding.

La Casa in Chianti

Step back in time to 11th century Tuscany at La Casa in Chianti. This beautiful property is the ideal location for an elopement ceremony. An olive grove is included in the grounds olive grove, a garden and a swimming pool. The interior of the villas (there are two: Ulivo and Fico) is as charming as the outside, with rustic furnishings and an old world feel. The space is intimate: each villa only sleeps up to 6 people. It’s the perfect venue and honeymoon spot all wrapped up into one. When you’re ready to venture outside of the villa, you can visit some of the small towns nearby and immerse yourself in their cobblestone streets and markets. You can also drive to one of the bigger cities like Florence to experience the culture and history there. You might just want to stay at the villa, however, and enjoy its romantic seclusion.

La Casa in Chianti Tuscany

Greve in Chianti Farmhouse

Surround yourself with the sweet smells of grapes, wine, and sun at Viticcio. This beautiful venue offers 8 different sized self-catering apartments spread between two farmhouses. You can choose your apartment size based on how many people are in your wedding party. You can hold your elopement ceremony in view of the vineyards with your closest friends and family close by. For your honeymoon, you can attend guided wine tastings, tour the nearby city Greve in Chianti, or travel a little further to major cities like Florence and Siena. At the end of the day, you can retreat to the beauty and antiquity of Tuscany’s famous wine district and relax in the peace of the Tuscany countryside.

Club Le Cannelle

There is nothing more romantic than a beach wedding. The sand, the breeze blowing gently on your wedding dress and suit, the waves glowing blue and white in the sunlight, all coalesce into the perfect natural wedding venue. But you still need a place to stay. Club Le Cannelle sits like a jewel on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It offers various accommodations depending on what suits your aesthetic. For example, you can stay in a farmhouse, a villa, a bungalow, or even a stone tower. You can rent out more than one room if you have a wedding party. However you can also just choose one for yourself and your new spouse. Feel free to enjoy Tuscan coast, alone and intimate.

Fattoria di Maiano

Fattoria di Maiano is a working farm that overlooks the hills of the Florentine countryside. This beautiful venue offers 11 apartments and 8 bed and breakfast suites. Total, it can house up to 64 people. It’s the perfect location for a small elopement ceremony with select family and friends as guests. There are plenty of different ways to experience the culture and majesty of Tuscany from Fattoria di Maiano. There are olive groves, gardens, a swimming pool, a petting zoo, and an onsite restaurant. In addition the farmhouse has a close proximity to small towns rich Nin ancient Roman history. You can also just withdraw from the rest of the world, and enjoy the homey atmosphere of a Tuscan farm.

Hotel Elopement Venues In Tuscany

If you prefer to hold your elopement ceremony indoors or in the cityscape, Tuscany offers the following lovely hotels, all located in or near large Italian cities.

Hotel Athena

This modern hotel is located just outside the city of Siena. In addition to bedrooms (and a bridal suite) that come with a full set of amenities, including WiFi, air conditioning, a flat screen TV, and a phone, you can try the hotel restaurant, Al Mangia and their genuine Tuscan cuisine. After your meal, you can retreat to the rooftop terrace. It’s called the San Marco Terrazza. You will enjoy the look out over the city and the gorgeous Tuscany countryside. You can have your elopement ceremony in one of their event rooms. Or you can take advantage of Hotel Athena’s close proximity to Siena. There you can walk to a more scenic location to make your marriage vows. This venue offers the best of both worlds: modern amenities on the edge of a modern city, but still immersed in Tuscany nature.

Continentale Firenze

The Continentale Firenze is located in the heart of Florence. A lovely place to hold a small wedding ceremony is the beautiful terrace. It looks out over the beautiful Arno and the charm of old Tuscany city streets. The rooms are furnished simply, but comfortably, and come with every amenity you could wish for including air conditioning, a flat screen tv, bidet, and blackout curtains. There are plenty of cultural sites, shops and restaurants that are only a short walking distance away. Because of the hotel’s central location, you can even take your wedding party to a different location for your elopement ceremony.

Hotel Berchielli

Hotel Berchielli is all done up in Art Nouveau style, a throwback to the height of early 20th century Tuscany culture. The bedrooms are a dream of bright gold accents and antique furniture. The rooftop terrace looks out over the surrounding old buildings and streets – the perfect spot to be after your Tuscany elopement. You can also step outside to gaze at Arno River. Whether you decide to hold your elopement ceremony in the glitzy lobby or the terrace, this small hotel is a charming venue for you and your wedding party – or just you and your spouse – to celebrate your elopement.

Hotel Berchielli Firenze

Hotel Villa Casagrande

Step into a world of Tuscany charm, murals and arches in this lovely little hotel located in Figline Valdarno. It is the perfect location for a wedding venue as well as an ideal base for visiting Tuscany. It is centrally located between the major cities of Florence, Arezzo, and Siena. The hotel bedrooms are spacious with high ceilings, and the villa encompasses gorgeous green grounds, an indoor swimming pool, and a relaxing spa, as well as a bridal suite. You can use this hotel as the site of your elopement ceremony and subsequent honeymoon. But you can also travel to one of the bigger cities for your wedding and use the Hotel Villa Casagrande as a romantic hideaway afterwards.

Villa Casa Grande Tuscany

Grand Hotel Cavour

This hotel lives up to its name, Grand Hotel Cavour. Everything about it is grand. First, it’s located in the heart of Florence in between two famous monuments: the Duomo and the Piazza della Signoria. From the rooftop terrace, you can gaze on both monuments. You can even have your elopement ceremony in their protective shadows. Then there’s the hotel itself, housed inside of a building that dates back to the 14th century. Therefore this is a place rich in Tuscany history. Its colonnades and stucco exterior are picturesque and old, but the inside is completely modern. You’ll stay in beautiful rooms with all the conveniences you could ask for. This includes air conditioning and a flat screen tv. The rooms are also soundproof, which makes them perfect for a couple who is getting ready to elope or enjoying their honeymoon.

Grand Hotel Cavour Firenze

AirBnB Locations In Tuscany

If you’re looking for a small, affordable, yet still well-rated place to stay as a bride and groom or as a wedding party, a good place to check is AirBnB. We made a list of some places you might want to consider below.

Tuscany Elopement Guide

Best Time Of Year To Visit Tuscany

Mid- to late spring or early autumn are the best times of the year to visit Tuscany. The weather at these times of year are mild, and the seasons are changing so the colors are at their most vibrant. In spring, you can expect lots of bright green colors and blooming flowers, while in the fall you’ll see yellow and orange leaves and fields, and enjoy the fruits of the harvests. Whether you’re staying in the countryside or the city, whether you enjoy hustle and bustle or peace and quiet, Tuscany fulfills your every desire for the perfect elopement ceremony.

Advice For Eloping In Tuscany

When we think of elopement, we tend to think of it as a series of quick steps: a quick decision, a whirlwind trip, and a lightning-fast ceremony. This can all be true, but there is a certain amount of planning you need to do before you go to Tuscany to elope.

First, you need to plan on making a trip to visit a U.S. Consulate General in Italy or the U.S. Embassy in Rome. There, you need to obtain a Dichiarazione Giurata. This is a legal document whereby you verify that there is no legal impediment by U.S. law that would illegalize your marriage. You can fill out the document ahead of time by downloading the one named for the area in which you plan to hold your elopement ceremony. Just remember not to sign it because it must be signed in front of a notary at the elopement.

Once this document has been notarized, you must take it to the Legalization Office of the local Prefeturra, who will authenticate it.

You must also sign an Atto Notorio. This is similar to the Dichiarazione Giurata, and by signing it you’re stating that there is no obstacle to your marriage according to U.S. law.

The next step is to take all these documents to the Marriage Office in the town hall of the city or area where the elopement ceremony will take place. Then you need to make a Declaration of Intention to Marry in front of a civil registrar.

Civil or religious ceremony

You can perform a civil or religious ceremony. However, if you have a religious ceremony and the clergy is not Roman Catholic, you must perform a civil ceremony first. A civil ceremony will be performed by the mayor of the city or one of his deputies and requires at least two witnesses.

For more details and where to find all these offices and documents, visit the official U.S. Embassy website.

It may seem daunting on paper, but if you plan ahead, you can get all these essential items completed in a day or two. That way the legal details are out of the way as quickly as possible. Afterwards you’ll be free to focus on your lovely elopement ceremony in Tuscany.

How To Get To Tuscany

The easiest way to get to Tuscany is to fly into one of their international airports: Galileo Galilei International Airport in Pisa (PSA) or Amerigo Vespucci Airport in Florence (FLR). Florence is in the heart of Tuscany. So from the Amerigo Vespucci Airport (also called the Peretola) it’s an easy car drive or train ride to your hotel or countryside wedding venue.

Tuscany Elopement Packages

Now that you’ve made the decision to hold your elopement ceremony in Tuscany, let us help you make the journey with our Tuscany elopement packages below!

What’s included in each package:
8hr & Full-day photography packages
2 Photographers (Manuela & Martin)
Assistance with planning and finding vendors that will fit your style.
Retouched pictures with maximum resolution you can download and print.
All travel fees included!

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We’ve shown you some of the loveliest spots to hold your elopement ceremony in Tuscany. The rest is up to you. A magical time awaits you and your significant other in this ageless, beautiful country. But only you can choose where and when. Don’t wait!

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