Verena-Annabella and Christian – Loveshoot in Innsbruck

„In earlier times fashion was a monolog, nowadays it’s a dialog“, says Suzy Menkes a fashion critique from the Herald Tribune and one oft he most important voices in the industry. We are really fascinated by fashion and as some of you might assume not only fashion trends in wedding dresses.

When we first talked to Verena-Annabella and her Christian about their couple shoot, she told us about her fashion blog and our ears opened wide. She is the or at least one of the most successful fashion blogger in Tyrol and far beyond its borders.

Christian himself is about to launch his own fashion blog which will be called “Beats and Dogs”. The two of them were accompanied by the little star of Verena-Annabella’s blog – the cute little French bulldog Mocca. Her fashion blog is therefor called “Who is mocca?”.

Naturally the two lovers and fashionistas brought several different outfits. This is something we always ask our couple who book us for a love shoot or an engagement shoot in Innsbruck or anywhere else to bring. If you want to find out more about the outfits of this shoot head over to Verena-Annabellas blog at Who is Mocca?

We had so much fun with this love shoot in Innsbruck and want to say thank you again to you dear Verena-Annabella and Christian.

We wish you all a lot of sunny days ahead and now have fun with the pictures!



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