Wedding photographer Achenkirch – Karina and Roman – A special love story

Karina and Roman found each other.That’s a saying that couldn’t be more fitting with this 2 cuties and their lovestory.

2 Austrians randomly pumping into each other at the NewYork airport – setting up a date and finally getting married … what a crazy love story – don’t you think?

The two of them got to know us, when they heard from friends that we captured their wedding.

When we heard that the two of them wanted to get married at  the Seealm in Achenkirch our hearts started to jump, as we got married at the same venue.

Even a day before their ceremony in the church the had their civil wedding at a pretty special place. 3440 metres above the sea level they got married at the Café 3440. On top of the Pitztaler glacier Stefan Gundrum with his beautiful voice created a special atmosphere and goose pumps for everyone there.

We thought this whole day couldn’t be topped but it did. The following day some heavy rain poured down from heaven when they gave their vows in church. But then the sun peaked out between the clouds. Enough said – see for yourself.

Dear Karina and dear Roman thank you once again for your trust. It was a real pleasure to work with you. See you very soon guys!



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Dress: Brautmoden Melmer
Decoration: DIY
Suit groom: Modezentrum Wammes
Rings: Feichtinger
Hair and Make-up (Day 1): Friseur Mair
Hair and Make-up (Day 2): Das Kronthaler
Location: Seealm Achenkirch
Wedding photographer Achenkirch: FORMA Photography

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