Michelle and Kent – Loveshoot in Las Vegas

Our profession as international wedding photographers takes us around the world and we are happy to be blessed like that. But when you break it down to the essentials – we are photographing the love between two people and love doing that.

So for us it doesn’t matter if we shoot a wedding in Seefeld in Tyrol, do a love shoot in Las Vegas or do wedding photography in Switzerland. We are just really happy every time we get a shooting request in our mail inbox or a message on facebook. We truly feel blessed to get to know so many great couples.

It was the facebook way we got to know Michelle and Kent. The two of them knew Courtney (who we had the privilage to shoot with ther husband in Las Vegas as well) and got to know about us. They found out that we were in Vegas for the WPPI and we had the honor to a cute loveshoot with the two of them.

Michelle and Kent were just their wonderful selves and the warm Nevada sun put warmth in our hearts. Michelle wore a beautiful hairpiece by Verhutung.

Thank you so much you two for a wonderful shoot and your trust in us. Everyone else please enjoy the pictures of this cute couple.



001-Liebesshooting-Las-Vegas-FORMA-Photography-Hochzeitsfotograf 002-Liebesshooting-Las-Vegas-FORMA-Photography-Hochzeitsfotograf 003-Liebesshooting-Las-Vegas-FORMA-Photography-Hochzeitsfotograf 004-Liebesshooting-Las-Vegas-FORMA-Photography-Hochzeitsfotograf 005-Liebesshooting-Las-Vegas-FORMA-Photography-Hochzeitsfotograf 006-Liebesshooting-Las-Vegas-FORMA-Photography-Hochzeitsfotograf 007-Liebesshooting-Las-Vegas-FORMA-Photography-Hochzeitsfotograf 008-Liebesshooting-Las-Vegas-FORMA-Photography-Hochzeitsfotograf 009-Liebesshooting-Las-Vegas-FORMA-Photography-Hochzeitsfotograf 010-Liebesshooting-Las-Vegas-FORMA-Photography-Hochzeitsfotograf 011-Liebesshooting-Las-Vegas-FORMA-Photography-Hochzeitsfotograf 012-Liebesshooting-Las-Vegas-FORMA-Photography-Hochzeitsfotograf 013-Liebesshooting-Las-Vegas-FORMA-Photography-Hochzeitsfotograf 014-Liebesshooting-Las-Vegas-FORMA-Photography-Hochzeitsfotograf 015-Liebesshooting-Las-Vegas-FORMA-Photography-Hochzeitsfotograf 016-Liebesshooting-Las-Vegas-FORMA-Photography-Hochzeitsfotograf 017-Liebesshooting-Las-Vegas-FORMA-Photography-Hochzeitsfotograf 018-Liebesshooting-Las-Vegas-FORMA-Photography-Hochzeitsfotograf 019-Liebesshooting-Las-Vegas-FORMA-Photography-Hochzeitsfotograf 020-Liebesshooting-Las-Vegas-FORMA-Photography-Hochzeitsfotograf 021-Liebesshooting-Las-Vegas-FORMA-Photography-Hochzeitsfotograf 022-Liebesshooting-Las-Vegas-FORMA-Photography-Hochzeitsfotograf 023-Liebesshooting-Las-Vegas-FORMA-Photography-Hochzeitsfotograf

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