Amy and Adam – Loveshoot – Wedding Photographer London

London is a city that we fell in love over time.

London is typically very loud and hectic but on the other side it one can find cool trendy quiet streets, with cute little brick buildings and wonderful old pubs. We are very much in favor of the latter parts of London. And we found such a cute little part of Great Britains metropolis.

We had the great pleasure to shoot Amy and Adam there. The Tatoo Artist (check out here out her stuff: and her boyfriend are a wonderful couple and a stylish one too. One could almost say that the two of them are a photographer’s dream.

We were blown away by their cuteness and their lovely way of caring for each other. They made our photographers life really easy by just being their wonderful selfes (Thanks again guys!). We shot southbound of the Themse in and around a cute little pub called Winnicott.

It was our second love shoot in London and it was a completely different one than our first experience that we had with Summer and Marcos. But to be honest – that’s what we love. Every couple that we have the honor to shoot is different and we think that our pictures reflect that.

We will end this blogpost with the same quote as the last one (maybe karma will like this 🙂 : London will definitely see us again.



PS.: If someone wants to get married in Lond – we are in 🙂

 001-London-Hochzeitsfotograf-FORMA-Photography 002-London-Hochzeitsfotograf-FORMA-Photography 003-London-Hochzeitsfotograf-FORMA-Photography 004-London-Hochzeitsfotograf-FORMA-Photography 005-London-Hochzeitsfotograf-FORMA-Photography 006-London-Hochzeitsfotograf-FORMA-Photography 007-London-Hochzeitsfotograf-FORMA-Photography 009-London-Hochzeitsfotograf-FORMA-Photography 008-London-Hochzeitsfotograf-FORMA-Photography 010-London-Hochzeitsfotograf-FORMA-Photography 011-London-Hochzeitsfotograf-FORMA-Photography 012-London-Hochzeitsfotograf-FORMA-Photography 013-London-Hochzeitsfotograf-FORMA-Photography 014-London-Hochzeitsfotograf-FORMA-Photography 015-London-Hochzeitsfotograf-FORMA-Photography 016-London-Hochzeitsfotograf-FORMA-Photography 017-London-Hochzeitsfotograf-FORMA-Photography 019-London-Hochzeitsfotograf-FORMA-Photography 020-London-Hochzeitsfotograf-FORMA-Photography 021-London-Hochzeitsfotograf-FORMA-Photography 022-London-Hochzeitsfotograf-FORMA-Photography 023-London-Hochzeitsfotograf-FORMA-Photography 024-London-Hochzeitsfotograf-FORMA-Photography 025-London-Hochzeitsfotograf-FORMA-Photography 026-London-Hochzeitsfotograf-FORMA-Photography
FORMA Photogaraphy – Wedding Photographer London

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