Looking back and in the future …. Wedding photographers style

The new year has come and is already 14 days old. It’s about time for us to look back as well as to look forward what’s about to come our way. When we look back at the past year our hearts fill up with joy and love. We had the privilage to shoot 27 weddings and share some amazing moments with these couples. Sometimes we were allowed to be more than wedding photographers – as Manuela put it – we were able to see some Butterfly Moments.

We are uberproud that such a big number of wedding couples put their trust in us to capture all the magic moments of their big day. We also want to say thank you in advance to all our 2015 couples for believing in us (btw. we only have 5 wedding spots open for 2015 so if you want us to capture your wedding – please contact us soon!).

For us personally the year 2014 was a very special one as well. We are proud godmother and godfather of the cutest and most wonderful little human beeings called Paulina and Valentina. Our second big passion (after wedding photography) is travelling. We love to travel and are so lucky to combine our work with our travels. Therefore we did loveshoots in Las Vegas, Amsterdam, London and the on the Côte d’Azur as well as Mallorca – just to name a few.

But as Albert Einstein once said: “More than the past, I am interested in the future, because in it I intend to live.” we are looking in joy forward to the upcoming year. 2015 will be a big year for us – we have a lot of big projects lined up and will shoot a lot of amzing weddings. And believe it or not but we have travel plans as well 🙂 We can’t wait to hold the first Tyrolean Wedding meetup in Jannuary where we invite people who work in the weddding industry to share thoughts, network and in the end serve our wedding couples better. In March we’ll be in Las Vegas for the WPPI – the biggest Wedding Photography Convention in the world …. and so much more!

We can’t wait for all the great things and hope you will keep following us – because it’s your steady support that keeps pushing us to get better every day!

THANK YOU and hope to see you soon


Here is a crazy mixed bag of our 2014:


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