Love letter to Tyrol … Wedding Photographers Tyrol

​Tyrol is the heart of the Alps

We live in a country where others enjoy their vacation – from time to time this thought hits us and we try hard to not forget this. As wedding photographers this is an even bigger present, since the nature that is surrounding us often serves as an unbelievable background for our pictures.

This little post is an hommage to our country that we live in.

Our job as wedding photographers has taken us to far away places like the desert right out of Las Vegas, to the Cypress sea, to the South of France and many more wonderful places on this great earth, but “home is where the heart is”. As much as we looove to travel and believe us – WE DO (by the way we shoot weedings worldwide – so if you need us – just click HERE 😉 ), we love to come back HOME. Back home to this beautiful country of ours.

But enought of the words we love to let our pictures do the talking. There are people who are much better with words than we are therefore we will translate a german quote here to start you off:

The peak of our lives is where love shows us mountains.
(Ernst Ferstl)



001Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 002Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 003Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 004Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 005Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 006Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 007Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 008Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 009Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 010Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 011Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 012Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 013Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 014Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 015Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 016Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 017Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 018Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 019Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 020Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 021Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 022Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 023Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 024Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 025Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 026Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 027Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 028Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 029Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 030Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 031Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 032Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 033Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 034Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 035Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 036Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 037Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 038Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 039Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf 040Tirol-Oesterreich-Fotograf

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